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We endeavour to take a holistic approach to patient care through Biokinetics

We are both a clinical and patient orientated practice.

We endeavour to take a holistic approach to patient care through Biokinetics

We are both a clinical and patient orientated practice.


About Janelle van Onselen

Janelle is a compassionate and dedicated Biokineticist who strives to bring patient needs and clinical practice together to create a successful path for exercise rehabilitation. Janelle has owned her practice since 2015. Qualifying as a Biokineticist in 2010, she has had varied experience working within the field of Biokinetics. Janelle’s passion for Biokinetics is driven by her empathy for people.


Being able to walk the rehabilitation journey with her patients and using strong clinical practice, she strives to get her patients back to full health and pain free.


Other Expert Biokineticists


About Wendy Edwards

Wendy has always had an interest in movement. From a young age, she was
involved with gymnastics and dance which later led to her becoming a trapeze artist. She trained professionally and performed for many years, learning how to get the most out of her training.  Wendy joined the practice in January 2018.



About Grace Biggs

Grace completed her Biokinetics degree in 2020 at the University of Stellenbosch. Sport has been a big part of her life, especially hockey and tennis. She has personally experienced how debilitating an injury can be, especially during a sporting season. This has inspired her to help others not only optimize injury rehabilitation.



The Beach Clinic

At the start of 2020, The Beach Clinic opened its doors to provide a harmonised and calm space for physical rehabilitation. Situated on Beach Crescent, the practice is both accessible – being close to other amenities and shops – and on the edge of town adjacent to the beauty of Hout Bay beach. It offers a place for respite and rejuvenation, and we welcome you to meet us there.





Running and walking gait analysis


Chronic Disease rehabilitation


Injury treatment and conditioning


Posture correction and body alignment


Kind words from our Patients

Linda Doke

I had tried almost every mode of therapy, including resorting to not running, but nothing had worked. In the very first consultation Janelle identified the causes of my problems, and over a series of regular appointments she supervised the strengthening of weak areas using specific strengthening exercises. Within a month both my Achilles and knee issues were sorted, and I was at last able to enjoy pain-free running again – such a relief! Since then I made the decision to see Janelle weekly on a “prevention is better than cure” basis, and as a result I’ve not experienced an injury since.



What sets Janelle apart is the depth of her empathy combined with the extent of her knowledge. She is gentle, firm, compassionate and follows a scientific approach with her programme, which she tailors very effectively to the individual. Each session is both physically and psychologically beneficial – her sense of humour and lightness of touch also make me look forward to seeing her!
Under Janelle’s care my strength has improved, and due to her on-going input, I can live pain-free for the first time in about 20 years. I will always be grateful to Janelle; she is one of a kind!



I have been gifted a new lease of life. Feeling stronger physically and emotionally. I have never been more confident and happier as I go about my daily life with an improved ease of motion. Biokinetics has given me the tools and taught me how to engage my nervous system and brain, to help relax muscles, ease pain, improve posture and movement! It can be very challenging, but has been such a positive experience which has been fun and exciting, but mostly like a special magic is engaging inside me to live life to the fullest.



Janelle changed my life. Having a complicated medical background, meant that I needed to be treated very much as an unique individual. Janelle was so supportive and happy to think out of the box for my treatment. Her attention to detail, consideration to my abilities and understanding my limitations made me feel comfortable and cared for, while still making consistent progress with positive outcomes. I can’t recommend Janelle more if you are looking for a highly knowledgeable, caring, individual and progressive care. 



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