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What is a biokineticist?

A Biokineticist is a clinical exercise specialist who improves a person’s physical well-being and quality of life through individualised scientific assessment and the prescription of exercise in rehabilitative treatment to prevent or intervene with certain ailments and the enhancement of performance in sport and work. A Biokineticist functions within professional alliance to health and medicine, and is recognised and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

BASA – Biokinetics Association of South Africa


When should you see a biokineticist?

A Biokineticist can assist patients in the long term with persistent issues that arise from a particular body shape or form; from sport’s injuries; or from lifestyle habits or occurrences that require dedicated time and attention into rehabilitating, and for the prevention of further pain. We prescribe a regimen of exercises modelled for your individual scenario that we guide you through and help you to maintain. This process will allow you a better understanding of your body and its needs on the long term.




Chronic Disease rehabilitation

If one is diagnosed with a chronic condition such as hypertension, Parkinson’s Disease, a pulmonary disease, undergone heart bypass surgery, or suffered a stroke, a Biokineticist’s role is to help you manage your health better through exercise prescription relevant to you. A Biokineticist will prescribe exercise best to suit your condition and needs to improve your quality of life and help manage the effects of the condition, using exercise as your medicine. This is where the phrase developed by the American Collage of Sports Medicine (ACSM) global health initiative “exercise is medicine” becomes very applicable.



Healthy lifestyle promotion

In some instances patients want to pursue a healthy lifestyle change by incorporating exercise into their daily routine but are lost, sometimes lack motivation, unsure where to start and may have had a niggle that always rears its head when they start to exercise. Starting with a Biokineticist is a good idea as the initial assessment will give you a very informed way of where to start. Your Biokineticist will be able to give you a good foundation in terms of strength and general movement patterns and be able to guide you where to next in alignment with your goals.



Orthopedic injuries

This relates to any injury to the musculoskeletal system (muscle, joint, bone, tendon or ligament). If you have a persistent niggle, or suffered injury during sport or any activity, or due for or have undergone surgery there is a place for exercise rehabilitation to help you recover and return to usual activity.



Injury treatment and conditioning

Sports specific injury treatment and conditioning with a specific interest in running (road and trail), cycling, CrossFit, paddling and surfing, and yoga. We also offer comprehensive running analysis as a diagnostic tool in our treatment for runners.



Posture correction and body alignment

In the age of computers, texting and extended hours of sitting we use exercise as a tool to combat the long term effects this is having on our bodies. We are also able to assist you with the correct setup of your workstation.



Joint stability

We offer Joint stability classes to patients who have progressed from one on one session, and who require maintenance thereafter.




Discovery Vitality Fitness assessments.



Running and walking gait analysis

Using the PODOSmart Digitsole that gives comprehensive instant feedback of gait analysis.


8 week cardiac program

New course coming soon!

Janelle van Onselen Biokineticist helps those suffering from heart disease, hypertension, diabetes or obesity take back control. Kickstart your lifestyle change with an 8 week cardiac program guided by expert professionals in biokinetics & nutrition.

  • Comprehensive initial consultation with a biokineticist and dietician before starting
  • 3 x weekly group exercise sessions (max. 4 individuals) with a biokineticist
  • 5 x follow up body composition assessment and progress discussion with a dietician
  • Introduction to CrossFit training with CrossFit Hout Bay in Week 8



How do I become a patient?

Please contact Janelle or Wendy, and we will advise you on how we think we could be of assistance. We will discuss our fee structure, and at your convenience arrange a first consultation with you.

The first consultation is where you will undergo a comprehensive assessment which will entail most of the following depending on your requirements: body posture, body composition (BMI, body fat and muscle mass), blood pressure, heart rate, cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscle endurance and power and muscle and joint flexibility. After the initial consultation you will be given a few exercises to get you started.

At this initial consultation we will schedule your follow up appointment and talk about what your rehabilitation process will entail and what you can expect going forward that’ll be suited to your specific needs.

Please download and fill out the following form and return it to us either in person at your first appointment, or via email.


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