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About Janelle van Onselen

Janelle is a compassionate and dedicated Biokineticist who strives to bring patient needs and clinical practice together to create a successful path for exercise rehabilitation. Janelle has owned her practice since 2015. Qualifying as a Biokineticist in 2010, she has had varied experience working in private practice, general orthopedic rehabilitation, the running of cardiac rehabilitation and weight loss programs, rehabilitation and sports performance, health promotion in addiction recovery, and chronic disease conditions. Janelle’s passion for Biokinetics is driven by her empathy for people. Being able to walk the rehabilitation journey with her patients and using strong clinical practice, she strives to get her patients back to full health, pain free and even better versions of their physical state than before.


Other Expert Biokineticists


About Wendy Edwards

Wendy has always had an interest in movement. From a young age, she was involved with gymnastics and dance which later led to her becoming a trapeze artist. She trained professionally and performed for many years, learning how to get the most out of her training. She loves the positive impact that movement has had on her life, and wanted to bring that same feeling to others. Wendy studied initially at the University of the Western Cape for an undergraduate degree in Sport Science and followed with an Honours in Biokinetics at the University of Cape Town. Wendy joined the practice in January 2018. Wendy’s hope is that people learn how to enjoy exercise, improve their sporting performance, minimise pain and notice the results they achieve through hard work and determination.


About Grace Biggs

Grace completed her Biokinetics degree in 2020 at the University of Stellenbosch. Sport has been a big part of her life, especially hockey and tennis. She has personally experienced how debilitating an injury can be, especially during a sporting season. This has inspired her to help others not only optimize injury rehabilitation, but to prevent injury occurrence through sport specific exercise prescription. Grace enjoys orthopaedic rehabilitation, athletic performance, geriatric conditioning and Pilates. Grace believes in an individual and client-centered approach to exercise prescription, to cater for each person’s unique physical capability and goals.


The Practice

At Janelle van Onselen Biokineticist we are both a clinical and patient orientated practice. We rely on clinical assessment and reasoning to steer our exercise rehabilitation prescription in the right direction for best patient outcomes, working in alignment with the patients’ needs and goals.

We endeavor to take a holistic approach in patient care. The practice has a good working relationship with a network of GP’s, chiropractors, podiatrists, physiotherapists, dieticians, massage therapists and specialists to ensure we are getting the best possible outcomes for our patients.


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